The Defenestration of My Heart

Barricaded expressions of purity brutally ejected

Expelled by your fecal laced thoughts and defecation of words

The holistic depths of my soul became toxic

Contaminated from within


Atrociously pulverized hurt into my wounded heart

Jabbed and swiveled its remnants

And as pain asphyxiated me

Calculatedly assaulted my eternal words of love

Arduously stabbed my spirit

And feloniously executed my soul

Peace shadowed your slumber

Contentment caressed your heart

As I experienced the defenestration of my heart

By the stench of your own words

The breath of me escaped


Death tatted my heart

Copyright 2011 Anita Bryant

Emotional Starvation

The soul impaled with woeful tears of despair

An impoverished spirit famished in the midst of loneliness

Gingerly and tenderly spoken words struggle with rarity

And the written word no longer nourishes the muse  

Militias of emotions lie dormant on the tongue

Kind gestures skewered by absence and dearth

While the starvation of the heart’s song is imminent  

The rhythm of love has lost its tempo

And the melody no longer in sync

The body is weakened  

The spirit collapses

Mind, body, and soul pierced and plagued by emotional starvation

Copyright 2013 Anita Bryant

Within the Heart of My Mind

The deepest of thoughts burrowed a trench within the heart of my mind

As my mind bathed in the consciousness of my heart

My heart felt the emotions of my mental reflections

All mental sensibilities drowned within a sea of sentiment

As tears chased the channels within the heart of my mind

The cries of my heart were impregnated with cerebral stimuli

Fading memories were submerged within a lonely concentration of liquid emotion

And the soul of the heart was lost within the spirit of mental anguish

Mental faculties putrefied and emotions continued to decompose

My thoughts, my spirit, my passions, and my soul

All within the heart of my mind

Copyright 2013 Anita Bryant

Murder In The First Degree

Ripped and torn asunder dreams

Bruised and bloodied spirit

Violated and butchered trust

Asphyxiation of my internal emotions

Bludgeoned my future with selfishness

Stabbed my self esteem lifeless

Slaughtered my laughter of happiness

Executed my peaceful nights

Violently drowned my passion

Maliciously shot my heart with toxins of love

Slowly killed me from the inside out

And now you’ve caused the death of my heart’s song

You are hereby found guilty of murder in the 1st degree

Copyright 2009 Anita Bryant



Mental Anguish

Fragments of fecal laced thoughts pave the mental anguish of decay

Thoughts severed from reality and murdered by delusions of paranoia

Thoughts disengaged by uncertainty and slain by emotional phobias

Wounded thoughts slaughtered into vacuity

That enslaves the formation of mental entities

Where thoughts sabotage intellect

And the mind disables all understanding

Where reflections of accomplished times are just residuals of the day

And in the mental anguish of decay

Thoughts lay bare in the tombstone of the mind


Copyright 2013 Anita Bryant

Poetic Freedom: Sadness Flows

Volcanic eruptions of emotions spew from the abyss of my combusting heart

Sadness creates a pit crater of despair

Fragments of grief are agitated by the vacancy of acknowledgement and respect

Impregnated emotions give birth to a molten cascade of sorrow

From the laborious pyroclastic flow of your toxic unspoken words

An avalanche of emotional debris entombs my distressed spirit

My agonizing soul befits pumice

As volcanic eruptions of emotions continue to spew


the abyss

 of my combusting heart

sadness flows