Deluge of Raindrops

As a liquid blanket shadows the Earth

 the mighty luminary pales in vision

Hazy silhouettes hold hostage the skies of blue

An arctic chill detains the atmosphere

As a tsunami of nature’s breath slaughters the bark of decomposed limbs

Fields of green and amber are slain within powerful sprinkles of dew

Besieged pebbles whitewashed by a torrent of trouncing streams

Defeated valleys drown in overflowing brooks

Quivering synchronized raindrops baptize the still of the night

 with all ferocity

creating melodious sounds

 of a deluge of raindrops

Copyright 2013 Anita Bryant

The Moon and the Sun


The moon smiles on the land of green

It kisses the shadows of her radiant glory

And as the celestial stars paint a landscape of imagination

Clouds take refuge into another land, where the greater luminary blankets the fields

and the dew drops caress rays of sunlight

Nature acclaims nocturnal beauty and welcomes diurnal majesty…

The Moon will always bow to the Sun

And the Sun will always welcome the Moon

“Hello Beautiful”

Your voice is like a beautiful love song

Pleasing to my ears and soothing to my soul

A voice so silky smooth, peaking my senses

Ears that search for your baritone

Necessitating my exclusive attention

My body responds to the mention of your name

And when I HEAR your voice

The reaction is just the same

Anticipation of late night phone calls

Leave me lingering on every word

So velvety are the sweet tones inherited from your lips

They tease me, excite me, and tantalize me

Your magnetic responses pull me

Captivating me with sounds of peacefulness

Luring me with your words of comfort

Enticing me with expressions of love

My heart feels every vocal vibration

As I experience your fluency

I quiver

Palms go sweaty

I (((sigh))) and swoon

I’m anxious for our next conversation

For I long to hear you bless my ears

once more with the words

“Hello Beautiful”

Copyright 2010 Anita Bryant

The Defenestration of My Heart

Barricaded expressions of purity brutally ejected

Expelled by your fecal laced thoughts and defecation of words

The holistic depths of my soul became toxic

Contaminated from within


Atrociously pulverized hurt into my wounded heart

Jabbed and swiveled its remnants

And as pain asphyxiated me

Calculatedly assaulted my eternal words of love

Arduously stabbed my spirit

And feloniously executed my soul

Peace shadowed your slumber

Contentment caressed your heart

As I experienced the defenestration of my heart

By the stench of your own words

The breath of me escaped


Death tatted my heart

Copyright 2011 Anita Bryant

Kiss of Pleasure

I’m sending you a kiss of pleasure

Drowning in an illusion of me

Drench your soul in my love and

Bathe in my ecstasy

Let my love captivate you and expel your misery

 For here I am come capture me

I’m sending you a kiss of pleasure

Submerged in the sweetest of nectar

Taste the fragrance of my love

As I envelope your candy confection

Flood my exterior with the breath of your soul

Allow me to experience a torrent of you

Caressing me with showers of affection

As our souls roar from the infusion of the connection

I’m sending you a kiss of pleasure

Drowning in an illusion of me

Wrap your arms around my transparency

Whisper phantom thoughts

And embrace my kiss of pleasure

as you awake to the illusion of me.

Copyright 2011 Anita Bryant

..all I ever wanted

Beauty grows faint with accomplished times

Vanity no longer lingers on the mirrored image

But a soul mate is a treasure to cherish for a lifetime

….and all I ever wanted

 A never-ending spiritual consciousness

My heart infused with the spirit of his soul

Thoughts transcend time and permeate the mind

To summon and exhale an infinite longing

….was all I ever wanted

A tongue arrested by the sweetness of his name

And ears liberated at the delight of his vocal executions

Skin that quivers with his telepathic touch

And a languishing hunger for his eyes to bathe within mine

…..was all I ever wanted

Passion and desire shackled to my heart

Universal harmony, cosmic closeness chained to my mind

Spirits that seek and apprehend the other

And two souls that coexist within one

…..was all I ever wanted

Accepting of him is my mind of thoughts

He resides within the beats of my heart

And my skin physically awaits his unbroken touch

The mate to my soul, forever and a day

…is all I ever wanted

Copyright 2012 Anita Bryant

Feel Me?


Words are just words without emotion or story

But emotions paint a story with words

He feels me feeling him

He hears my soul before it speaks

As his soul resides within me

He kneads his spirit into mine

As we share the essence of us

His eyes consume me without verdict

Contentment is within his eyes

He confiscates my heart of heaviness

And sponges my tears of unease before they even fall

He silences emotional cries

As his feelings are cemented into my existing thoughts

I feel him feeling me

Words are just words without emotion or story

But emotions paint a story with words

My thoughts converse with the mind

But my emotions pen my words

and my heart says …”I love you”

Feel me?

Copyright 2013 Anita Bryant