Feel Me?


Words are just words without emotion or story

But emotions paint a story with words

He feels me feeling him

He hears my soul before it speaks

As his soul resides within me

He kneads his spirit into mine

As we share the essence of us

His eyes consume me without verdict

Contentment is within his eyes

He confiscates my heart of heaviness

And sponges my tears of unease before they even fall

He silences emotional cries

As his feelings are cemented into my existing thoughts

I feel him feeling me

Words are just words without emotion or story

But emotions paint a story with words

My thoughts converse with the mind

But my emotions pen my words

and my heart says …”I love you”

Feel me?

Copyright 2013 Anita Bryant

The Birth of Longing

Longing to be loved with the passion of his longing

With spirits of intertwined endless motion

Soul within soul as death gives birth

Achieving a spiritual apogee

Within a mental zenith

A horizon of physical oneness

And a celestial declaration of emotion

One heart complimented with that of the other

And the two birth the beat of one

Both tongues speak the words of one heart

And their soul gives birth to longing

For I long to be loved with the passion of his desires

And I very much long to love him with the passion of mine


Copyright Anita Bryant

Another Sleepless Night

As insomnia acquired refuge along my bedside

Pillows of restlessness seized insomnia

Sheets of agitation comforted pillows of restlessness

A bed of uneasiness blanketed sheets of agitation

And the chill of anxiety draped the bed of uneasiness

Dreamscapes of another sleepless night that beckon the chill of anxiety

Copyright 2013 Anita Bryant


Emotional Starvation

The soul impaled with woeful tears of despair

An impoverished spirit famished in the midst of loneliness

Gingerly and tenderly spoken words struggle with rarity

And the written word no longer nourishes the muse  

Militias of emotions lie dormant on the tongue

Kind gestures skewered by absence and dearth

While the starvation of the heart’s song is imminent  

The rhythm of love has lost its tempo

And the melody no longer in sync

The body is weakened  

The spirit collapses

Mind, body, and soul pierced and plagued by emotional starvation

Copyright 2013 Anita Bryant

Dreams, Dreamt I


Yesterday I dreamt a field of dreams  

A field of dreams, dreamt I

Imagine a land of a thousand hearts

With twisting trails of sorrow

Canyons flooded in the echoes of tatted names

And babbling brooks scream of anger

Endless valleys draped in images of pre-existing times

Where hills of emotions drown in drenching rains of deceit

Cries can be heard from the sea, composed of bloodied tears

Yesterday I dreamt a field of dreams

A field of dreams, dreamt I

But today I dreamt an oasis of dreams

An oasis of dreams, dreamt I

The mountains were built of unrestricted love

And the wind sings of harmonious pleasures

As the sun parched Earth cultivates life of unknown passion

Intellect of minds all skate around telepathy

Pillows of clouds exude twin flames

And the atmosphere gives birth to rainbows of laughter

Where kindred spirits a waterfall make

And sanctuaries of soul mates can finally meet as one

Yesterday I dreamt a field of dreams; a field of dreams dreamt I

And as I escaped the field of dreams, dreamt I

I entered the oasis of dreams, I dreamt

As an oasis of dreams, dreamt I

Copyright 2011 Anita Bryant