“Hello Beautiful”

Your voice is like a beautiful love song

Pleasing to my ears and soothing to my soul

A voice so silky smooth, peaking my senses

Ears that search for your baritone

Necessitating my exclusive attention

My body responds to the mention of your name

And when I HEAR your voice

The reaction is just the same

Anticipation of late night phone calls

Leave me lingering on every word

So velvety are the sweet tones inherited from your lips

They tease me, excite me, and tantalize me

Your magnetic responses pull me

Captivating me with sounds of peacefulness

Luring me with your words of comfort

Enticing me with expressions of love

My heart feels every vocal vibration

As I experience your fluency

I quiver

Palms go sweaty

I (((sigh))) and swoon

I’m anxious for our next conversation

For I long to hear you bless my ears

once more with the words

“Hello Beautiful”

Copyright 2010 Anita Bryant

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