..all I ever wanted

Beauty grows faint with accomplished times

Vanity no longer lingers on the mirrored image

But a soul mate is a treasure to cherish for a lifetime

….and all I ever wanted

 A never-ending spiritual consciousness

My heart infused with the spirit of his soul

Thoughts transcend time and permeate the mind

To summon and exhale an infinite longing

….was all I ever wanted

A tongue arrested by the sweetness of his name

And ears liberated at the delight of his vocal executions

Skin that quivers with his telepathic touch

And a languishing hunger for his eyes to bathe within mine

…..was all I ever wanted

Passion and desire shackled to my heart

Universal harmony, cosmic closeness chained to my mind

Spirits that seek and apprehend the other

And two souls that coexist within one

…..was all I ever wanted

Accepting of him is my mind of thoughts

He resides within the beats of my heart

And my skin physically awaits his unbroken touch

The mate to my soul, forever and a day

…is all I ever wanted

Copyright 2012 Anita Bryant

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